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Modell: PEO-2S


Spezifikationen PEO für die Papierherstellung \ n \ n

Retention aid in papermaking (PEO)
        Poly Ethylene Oxide (PEO) is linear and high molechar polymer. It has good water-solubility, lubricity, thermoplastic hot melt and reducing rent performance, its water solution has high viscosity and superior stringiness, it is used widely in papermaking industry as pulp dispersant which use in papermaking. Short fiber paper which containing filling and paints in the process of papermaking can loss partial filling (paints) and short fiber paper with the water. If in the process of papermaking, add a kind or several kinds composition with PEO which can form associating first, then add tiny PEO (0.03-0.05kg PEO/Ton pulp), shall take back filling (paints) above 90%, recovers short fiber above 85%, can reduce the consumption of raw material, increases output. The addition of PEO makes pulp’s fiber into order, sequentially strengthen the paper’s pull, also can improve the travel speed. At the same time it also in favor of water paper’s drainage, reduces resin type of organics’ depositing in paper machine, also can accelerate the recycling of water usage and wastewater carbon emission reduction in papermaking.
        In the papermaking frequently-used PEO’s composition generally select and apply relatively low-cost water-soluble resin, including polyacrylic acid, water soluble phenolic resin lignin acid and so on, its usage is the 1~4 times PEO. Moreover because of its nonionic after used PEO, it shall not effect the addition of other assistants. It’s minimum-investing, maximum-returning, good-quality, well adaptable, irreplaceable and ideal assistants.
Chemical name: Poly Ethylene Oxide
Molecular formula: [CH2-CH2-O] n
Appearance/density: White granule, power above 20mesh
True density: 1.15~ 1.25Kg/L
Melting point: 66-70(℃)
The temperature of thermal decomposition: 423-425(℃)
Iconicity: Nonionic
Package: Seal single-layer plastic bag for 1kg, pack in corrugated case for 10kg.
The steps of usage
PEO is high molecular polymer, easily soluble in water. Please dissolve by the following steps:
1.  Inject a one-third of water into dissolving tank, and open the agitator. Just use room temperature water to dissolve.
2. Form water film on sloping plate, and slowly sprinkle powdered PEO on the water film rushing into the tank.
3.  After the feeding has finish, will make the water renew to concerted liquid, stirring gap for 1.5 hours, rest 20 minutes that can be used.
4.  The dissolution time of mature of PEO is two hours.
5.  When use tap water which contain high concentration of CLO, can add properly a few Na2S2O3 (sodium hyposulphite, 1 ton of water add 30g).

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